Transform Today Content

To help reconnect the Absolut brand to the most connected generation in history, a series of in-depth branded content films took a deeper dive into the four artists’ backstories and lives, to moments and places never seen before. The films went under the skin and backstage with Woodkid seconds before a live show, into the wild and wonderful imagination of Rafael Grampá, explored the left and right side of Aaron Koblin’s pixelated mind and discovered the instinctive flow and nature of Yiqing Yin.
The films told each artist’s personal story of transformation and featured on absolut.com and spread to blogs relevant to each of the four creative disciplines. Within weeks of the launch the films had over 1 million views and had connected the brand to a whole new generation of YouTubers.‘This is so inspiring for me’,‘ You’ve changed my life’ and ‘I never thought a vodka channel would show stuff like this’ were just some of the comments.

Woodkid’s Story – Be Who You Should Be

Rafael Grampá’s Story – Believe In Your Own Story

Yiqing Yin’s Story – See Where You Take You

Aaron Koblin’s Story – Dare To Think Beyond

Director: Ryan Hope
Created by Sid Lee