The Movement For Living More

#COMMUTELESS is a global movement designed to spark a cultural shift and change the way we work and live. The controversial campaign launched with a series of provocative digital billboards, unmissable for commuters travelling into and out of key cities. Locations including Amsterdam Centraal Station, one of Europe’s busiest commuter hubs highlighted the enjoyable things commuters could be doing more of,
if they weren’t commuting at the time. Social channels promoted further content and online, commuters can calculate how much of their life they waste going back and forth to work. The movement is growing fast with plans to launch in London & Tel Aviv. Spread the word. Sign-up and join the people-powered movement today.
Visit site: www.commute-less.com

Project Film

Campaign — Digital OOH in some of Europe's busiest commuter hubs

Website — Commuters can calculate and share just how much of their life they waste travelling to and from work

Photography: Nirrimi Firebrace
Digital Development: Owen van Dijk
Motion Graphics: OddOne
Editor: Rob Jones
Sound: Vincent-Paolo Corputty