Onitsuka Tiger
60th Anniversary

One Show Interactive – Merit Animation and Motion Graphics
ADCN – Silver Integrated Campaign and Shortlisted Art Direction
The Communicator Awards – Silver Film & Animation and Gold Integrated
Montreux Festival – Finalist Animation
M&M Awards – Winner International Integration

An integrated global brand campaign to celebrate Onitsuka Tiger's 60th anniversary. In Japan, 60 is no ordinary birthday, it is a celebration of the ‘Cycle of Life’; a 60-year cycle created by combining twelve Zodiac signs with five ruling elements. A one-metre handcrafted sneaker-shaped island diorama of Japan became the backdrop for an action-packed 3-minute Zodiac Race animation and the centerpiece for the entire campaign. The animated film featured on onitsukatiger.com and was seeded across influential design and sneaker blogs (including Kanye West’s personal blog). An interactive 3D exploration allowed people to navigate their way around the sneaker island and an interactive Zodiac calculator told people which Zodiac sign they were and directed them to their personal sign-specific Zodiac product range. A commemorative Zodiac moodbook achieved an unprecedented 20% increase in pre-orders of footwear and apparel. The one-metre sneaker diorama toured Onitsuka Tiger's flagship stores worldwide throughout the year. In the UK alone, the website saw a 436% increase in visitors and people stayed on site nearly twice as long as before.

Animated Film

Global Print – Both sides of the sneaker island featured in print showing the race day and night

Zodiac Sneaker - The campaign inspired by a shoe, became a new shoe inspired by a campaign

Interactive Calendar - Informed people which sign they were and highlighted their sign specific product range

Retail - The story of the Zodiac race continued throughout stores and at point-of-sale

Zodiac Moodbook – The commemorative book featured the full range of apparel and footwear

Animation Studio: PandaPanther
Created at Amsterdam Worldwide